124 Black-Owned Bookstores in America

124 Black-Owned Bookstores in America That Amplify the Best in Literature

Shop now and always.

By McKenzie Jean-Philippe

In the wake of the tragic killings of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor — combined with the global uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic — the United States is in the midst of a national revolution. While institutionalized racism and police brutality have long been a part of America’s history, millions across the country are now reconciling with and addressing generations of racial inequality. For some, that means taking to the streets in protest. For others, it’s uplifting the cause by supporting Black owned businesses, or seeking education through anti-racist literature.

Because of the latter, one industry that’s seen an influx in support and attention are Black-owned bookstores. Many shops across the country are overwhelmed with customers due to the collective push to both “buy Black” and read books written by Black authors.

“We’ve definitely seen a surge in our book sales, specifically for our titles on racism and history in this country,” says Onikah Asamoa-Caesar, owner of Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Fulton Street Books—which had its grand opening with limited capacity due to COVID-19—on July 3. “When I think of meaningful change in the community, reading and having more information is amazing. Now we have to figure out how to translate that and support folks in taking things from theory to practice.” Check out the list at O: The Oprah Magazine.

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