Book of the Month: June 2015


God Help the Child by Toni Morrison

Nobel Prize Winning writer Toni Morrison has recently released God Help the Child, her first novel set in contemporary times. It is a novella-length work that resonates with the depth of emotional history we expect from a master. The vividly drawn characters in God Help the Child each struggle with their own personal histories, their childhoods, to come to peace with their adult selves. A cohesive and beautifully weaved narrative for anyone that has ever thought why me or what if?

This is a book that we are proud to select as our June 2015 Book of the Month and that we know will inspire thoughtful discussions.


Spare and unsparing, God Help the Child—the first novel by Toni Morrison to be set in our current moment—weaves a tale about the way the sufferings of childhood can shape, and misshape, the life of the adult.

At the center: a young woman who calls herself Bride, whose stunning blue-black skin is only one element of her beauty, her boldness and confidence, her success in life, but which caused her light-skinned mother to deny her even the simplest forms of love. There is Booker, the man Bride loves, and loses to anger. Rain, the mysterious white child with whom she crosses paths. And finally, Bride’s mother herself, Sweetness, who takes a lifetime to come to understand that “what you do to children matters. And they might never forget.”

A fierce and provocative novel that adds a new dimension to the matchless oeuvre of Toni Morrison.


Toni Morrison was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1993. She is the author of 10 previous novels, including The Bluest EyeBeloved (made into a major film),Sula, A Mercy, and Love. She has received the National Book Critics Circle Award and a Pulitzer Prize. She is the Robert F. Goheen Professor at Princeton University.

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