Book Riot’s 25 Best Climate Change Books

The 25 Best Climate Change Books To Add To Your TBR

By Cassie Gutman

It’s not news that the climate crisis is an increasing emergency worldwide. While it might feel hopeless, the best climate change books can help inform you and motivate you to make small changes in your own life or call for larger action from politicians and corporations. There is a plethora of climate change books, and they range from specific topics like the black market lumber industry and how plastic has invaded every part of our lives to overarching views on the climate in general and how to begin to take collective action.

There are climate change books for all readers, as well as some titles focusing on related environmental issues, and I’ve separated this list into nonfiction and fiction. You’ll recognize some big names in the climate activism world, like Bill Gates and Greta Thunberg, but you’ll also learn about lesser-known activists, like Robert Bullard, who have been fighting for change for decades. On the fiction side, you’ll see novels with harrowing predictions into what our world could look like if we head down the same path we’re currently on without making any changes toward reversing climate change.

Whether it’s an essay manifesto calling for action or a fictional dystopia that presents an all-too-real possibility for the future, these are the best climate change books you can’t afford to miss. Check out the list at Book Riot.

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