Dolly Parton Wins Bezos Charity Award

From ‘9 to 5’ to $100 million, Dolly Parton receives Bezos charity award

By Ben Brasch

From singing barefoot on the front porch of her Tennessee mountain home to cracking jokes onstage beside a billionaire who had a nine-digit sum for her, Dolly Parton has always followed her heart.

And the Queen of Country has followed her heart to become many things — a top contributor to the American songbook, a brilliant vocalist, an Island in the Stream — but above all, she’s a giver.

As of Saturday, she can give even more. Parton received the Courage and Civility Award, which comes with $100 million, from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his longtime partner, Lauren Sanchez.

She can gift the money to any philanthropic organization of her choosing. That could buy coats of many, MANY colors.

“Wow! Did you say $100 million?!” Parton said while receiving the award. Read the full piece at the Washington Post.

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