Elena Ferrante on Feminism in the Modern Age

Even today, after a century of feminism, we can’t fully be ourselves

Everything has been codified in terms of male needs – even our underwear, sexual practices, maternity

By Elena Ferrante

On principle, I refuse to speak badly of another woman, even if she has offended me intolerably. It’s a position that I feel obliged to take precisely because I’m well aware of the situation of women: it’s mine, I observe it in others, and I know that there is no woman who does not make an enormous, exasperating effort to get to the end of the day. Poor or affluent, ignorant or educated, beautiful or ugly, famous or unknown, married or single, working or unemployed, with children or without, rebellious or obedient, we are all deeply marked by a way of being in the world that, even when we claim it as ours, is poisoned at the root by millennia of male domination. Read more at The Guardian.

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