Oprah on Tayari Jones’s “An American Marriage”

Oprah’s New Book Club: An American Marriage by Tayari Jones

By Oprah Winfrey

Tayari Jones’s An American Marriage is an aha-moment-inducing tour de force—a love story and a stinging indictment of society’s injustices. It’s also Oprah’s new book club pick. Whenever I open a book, I’m embarking on an adventure. Where will it take me? Who will I meet along the way? What will I learn about the world and my place in it? And best of all, will I love it so much I’ll want to choose it for my book club?

In the case of Tayari Jones’s fourth novel, An American Marriage (Algonquin), the answer to that last question was an emphatic yes. Read more at Oprah.com.

Our book clubs are reading An American Marriage, which you can find listed in our Books in the Bag.

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