Ron Charles Reviews “The Ministry of Time”

‘The Ministry of Time’ is part thriller, part romance and a lot of fun

Kaliane Bradley’s debut novel wonders if a woman from the present can make a future with a man from the past

By Ron Charles

We’ll never know exactly what happened, but the hoary remains are terrifying enough.

In 1845, more than 120 men under the command of Sir John Franklin set out on two ships, the Erebus and the Terror, in search of the Northwest Passage. They reached the Canadian Arctic, but then their vessels got caught in crushing ice for almost two years. Weakened by scurvy, tuberculosis and lead poisoning, the survivors began walking back to the mainland, hundreds of miles away. They froze, starved, raved. Marks on a few scattered bones suggest some resorted to cannibalism. In the blinding white at the end of the world, all were lost.

Until now.

A secret program developed by the British government has managed to extract one of the missing officers, 1st Lt. Graham Gore, and return him to life in the modern age. Read the full review at the Washington Post.

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