Susanne Pari on Iran’s Feminist History

Susanne Pari on Iran’s Rich History of Feminist Rebellion

The Author of In the Time of Our History Talks to Jane Ciabattari

By Jane Ciabattari

Mitra Jahani, the fierce feminist at the heart of Susanne Pari’s second novel, In the Time of Our History, is the daughter of Iranians in the diaspora, exiled in the traumatic aftermath of the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Like author Pari, who is the daughter of an Iranian father and an American mother, Mitra is born in the U.S. and raised in an extended family spanning four generations.

“I have twenty-four Iranian first cousins, all of whom are in the diaspora,” Pari writes in a recent essay. She embeds Mitra’s story in a transnational, multigenerational narrative of grief and loss, laced with interludes that echo Persian storytelling, to create a stunning portrait of family secrets, betrayals, and sustaining love.. Read the full interview at LitHub.

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