The New York Times on Meg Wolitzer’s Moment

Why Now May (Finally) Be Meg Wolitzer’s Moment

By Sarah Lyall

Meg Wolitzer’s new novel, “The Female Persuasion,” seems uncannily timely, a prescient marriage of subject and moment that addresses a great question of the day: how feminism passes down, or not, from one generation to the next.

But Ms. Wolitzer, who is 58, wanted less to write some sort of State of Feminism novel than to explore ideas that have been marinating in her head for a long time.

“People say, write what you know, but it’s really, write about what obsesses you,” she said. “Write about what you’re thinking about all the time.” Read more at The New York Times.

Join Meg Wolitzer in conversation with Julie Robinson about her novel The Female Persuasion on May 16. Read more about the event here.

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