‘The New York Times’ Reviews ‘Long Bright River’

Looking for a Book to
Read With Friends?

By Elizabeth Egan

Welcome to Group Text, a monthly column for readers and book clubs about the novels, memoirs and short-story collections that make you want to talk, ask questions, and dwell in another world for a little bit longer.

For many book groups, it’s hard enough to figure out where and when to meet, whose turn it is to host and whether or not to add or subtract members, let alone what to read next. Group Text will address the main event: what to read — with a focus on the kinds of propulsive, thought-provoking books worthy of discussion. Liz Moore’s “Long Bright River,” my inaugural pick, is part literary thriller, part family saga, part police procedural. Read the full review at The New York Times.

Liz Moore is the Medici Book Club Award-winning author of Heft (2012). To read more about the Medici Book Club Prize, click here.

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