Tommy Orange’s ‘New Native Resistance’

Tommy Orange and the
New Native Renaissance

By Julian Brave Noisecat

On a June afternoon, Tommy Orange, author of There There, one of this summer’s breakout books, stood at the foot of the stage at the Fellowship of Humanity, a lavender-interiored church on 27th Street in Oakland, California. Behind him, a banner congratulated this year’s graduating class of East Bay Native American high school seniors. It read: “The students of today are the warriors of tomorrow.”

Orange hates public speaking. With his head buried in his notes, he intoned, “As Native people we have a bad history with schools, with institutions. They’re still teaching history wrong. We still hear them saying: ‘just get over it already,’ even when they’re saying they know the feeling is there. Get over what? The mountain that is history?” Continue reading at The Paris Review.

We’re excited to feature Tommy Orange’s There There as our July 2018 Book of the Month. Read more here.

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