Washington Post Reviews ‘Age of Vice’

Deepti Kapoor’s thriller ‘Age of Vice’ starts 2023 with a bang

The explosive novel tears through a story of corruption in modern-day India

By Ron Charles

Forget the fireworks in New York, London and Dubai. The most dazzling explosions to herald 2023 come from Deepti Kapoor’s novel “Age of Vice.”

Swinging from the hovels to the palaces of contemporary India, this hypnotic story poses a horrible dilemma: For days, I was torn between gorging on “Age of Vice” or rationing out the chapters to make them last. Finally free from the book’s grip, now all I want to do is get others hooked.

Kapoor was born in northern India and worked for several years as a journalist in Delhi, an experience that clearly informs this lush thriller. More than two years ago, having spotted Kapoor’s ferocious plot, arresting characters and electric dialogue, FX locked down “Age of Vice” for a series; rights to the novel have already been sold in 20 countries. Read the full review at the Washington Post.

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